Tabs I Can't Close 58: Arrows, Music, Ice

Friday, April 21, 2017

My friend Jenn and I went to the newly opened Raccoon Motel ("won't be upscale") the other night, without tickets, to see Hailey Whitters, who we knew nothing about. Lately I've just been going where there's live music and seeing what happens. Something usually happens. A party of several offered us their extra two tickets (cue all the Midwestern sentiment). The opening band, Dickie, was good. Hailey Whitters, it turns out, is a lovely Iowan whose songs have been cut by Little Big Town and Martina McBride. If you haven't heard her, I suggest starting with Black Sheep.

Christoph Niemann goes to Svalbard.

Beyonce's mama tells jokes on Instagram. (Pure joy!) Also, this profile.

A friend sent me this article about giant concrete arrows across the US, and now I'm wondering if there are any nearby.

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