Tabs I Can't Close 57: Wonder, Jogging, Not Power Dressing, Someone Else's View

Friday, March 3, 2017

"Economists say that when the world changes people will adapt, move and change to fit the new world. But of course, real human beings often don’t do that." A Sheep Farmer's View of Rural America. Interesting insight into the view of a passing stranger.

"Ms. Ilincic suggested that a reason high-profile women may warm to her clothes is because her aim is always to make a wearer feel powerful yet protected." Dressing First Ladies, but Not Power Dressing

Common jogging mistakes

"This sentiment explains the appeal of vagabonding over living abroad, which is the travel equivalent of monogamy, its responsibilities and commitments providing a more meaningful but also more uniform experience. Travelers who keep moving are rewarded again and again with the new, though, like bachelors, they miss out on the insights and intimacy that result from lengthy stays." Tom Swick There is Still Wonder to be Had in Travel

Doing What We Can to Help the Most Vulnerable. My brother and his wife inspire me, over and over again, to put actions behind words.

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