Tabs I Can't Close 54: Movement, Another Way of Being in the World, Massive Baking Projects

Friday, December 2, 2016

A friend has been posting gorgeous pics of frost flowers on Instagram.

"Keep loving them."

"I believe sublimating existential stress in massive baking projects that provide deafening distractions is the happiest way to proceed." Apple strudel

Red wine hot chocolate.

"Let's go on an overseas expedition by ourselves." Junko Tabei, the first woman to climb Everest (she completed a master's at 61).

"The question is: Is there another way of being in the world that doesn't involve this constant act of satire?" A conversation with Zadie Smith.

"Before travel memoirs became a phenomenon, before the Elizabeth Gilberts and Cheryl Strayeds of bestselling contemporary travel writing, there were Black women writers trailblazing in this ever-shifting genre." Travel memoirs by Black women writers.

Anne LaBastille.

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  1. "Keep loving them." might be the most powerful reaction to November 8th, 2016 that I've heard. Good words.


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