Things You Can Buy That Will Definitely Improve Your Life and Make You Feel Amazing

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

  1. A pair of shoes that fit great immediately out of the box without even trying them on because you ordered them online, that form to your feet instantly and are a combination of sneaker/low-heeled boot/flat/gladiator sandal (the kind still in style!)/4-inch heels that look amazing and go with everything no matter what you're wearing. You will only need one pair of these shoes, because they are that versatile, but you'll want a few pairs to rotate so you never have to buy shoes again. 
  2. Jeans that are that perfect combination of low-slung-high-waisted, in a wash that really does make you feel like the woman you see yourself as when you're being honest and positive with yourself. The hem is slim/wide/flared/tapered/cropped and you should get a couple pairs because you will wear these forever
  3. You'll also need an essential t-shirt made out of 100% natural fiber in a lovely synthetic blend with sleeves that accentuate the fact that you did some kind of arm exercises this week (and maybe last week?) with just the right armhole depth that doesn't cut off circulation to your arms but also doesn't look too saggy. The neckline is all of your favorites--that mythical combination of crew/v/scoop but this is not the place for boatneck, because, well, just because. These will be sold out. Sorry. 
  4. An understated and subtle piece of statement jewelry that really packs a punch. You'll have to get this somewhere that closed a long time ago, designed by someone long dead, or from a country you visited a long time ago (that doesn't even exist anymore), or just somewhere, you forget where, a long time ago. You'll have this literally forever, so you should really get this. 

Alternate title: How I feel when I try to shop for a "capsule wardrobe." :)

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