Tabs I Can't Close 44: Forge a River, Spend a Day in Tokyo, Flip a Subaru, Find Your Mooring

Friday, April 1, 2016

New favorite.

"You’re not invincible," Spearing says. "Remember that."

For the next time you have a one-day stopover in Tokyo. (From Frolic Blog's always inspiring Pinterest.)

And in case you decide to take a last-minute trip to Hong Kong (highly recommended), which is why you have a layover in Tokyo, here's a handy guide.

A jump and roll from the 100 Acre Wood Rally, where I was marking down finish times for two stages ("Uhh, sure, I guess I can do that.") (Don't miss the "another view" video in the comments.)

"And so I would much rather be tied down here than set adrift in the tumultuous sea I see so many others in. I find this mooring rather to my liking." Heather Benson, by way of Liesl's lovely Instagram account (scroll down for the complete soul-stirring quote).

Honest movie trailers.

I'd love to see Zaha Hadid's work in person.

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  1. Also, bookmarking this David Sedaris essay to read later. (The first paragraphs about shifting sibling relationships in big families!)


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