Tabs I Can't Close 43: Poetry, Aldi, Openness, Lemon Tarts, and a Marathon (of sorts)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Poetry of Dying Tulips.

I'm so impressed with this Aldi revamp. Occasionally I spot "Aldi tourists" during my weekly weaving up and down the aisles.

Start a business--and a family. #4 is interesting. I think a lot about that balance between openness and that very real thing were no one knows you're unsure/losing it unless you tell them. It makes sense to limit this openness to a small circle. I thought of this again during a conversation this weekend with my cousins about accountability partners.

Would this change how you thought about the value of art?

Here is a lemon tart recipe.

This Oscar-nominated film marathon is going on next weekend, in case you don't have any plans (at all, for the entire weekend).

Photo by the lovely JB, summer 2015. 

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