Tabs I Can't Close 41: Instincts, Clay, Mac and Cheese

Friday, January 8, 2016

Ahh, January! This month always feels brighter than December. The shedding of all of that Christmas cheer (i.e. stress and frenzied marketing) and stepping out into the wide open spaces of possibility.

This week brought three hefty, healthy lambs. A set of twins and a single, all ewe-lambs with healthy, hefty mothers. After last summer's culling-culling-culling, lambing season will not be an overwhelming experience this time around. If ever there was a time to be grateful for work already done, it is now.

Have a great weekend. :)

"We have really good instincts. And it's better when we listen to them." The Olsen twins on building their business.

This potter digs her own clay.

The other night I ordered mac and cheese at a restaurant in a cute little touristy town and spent the entire time wondering if the limes on my friend's plate of fish tacos would help things. So now I'm looking for a recipe for amazing mac and cheese, and here's one.

If X were your Y. (Things would be better then.)

Ha ha, very funny.

"A spiritual mother, and a very grounded one, Diana opened the door for me. She demystified what felt like an unattainable dream. She was passionate about sharing a woman’s perspective and experience of cruising, to put open-eyed women in the driver's seat of what had long been a male-dominated realm." Don't you wish you knew someone like this for every area of your life? Diana Jesse


  1. That's a beautiful photo of the farm! Absolutely stunning. Love the links too. Especially love the Olson twins thinking big...huge! Seems appropriate for what they've managed to achieve. We should all think big...huge. I know action is the word I picked to describe 2016, but now I like thinking big...huge. :D Hope your New Year is off to a shiny start.

    1. Hi Veronica! I love the idea of choosing a word for the year--will have to give this some thought. Looking forward to seeing how yours influences your life and work in the coming year!


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