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Monday, December 14, 2015

We are rushing headlong toward winter. It's a longer stretch of headlong rushing than usual, because today is nearly 50 degrees and rainy when it might usually at this time of year be closer to 0 degrees and snowy, or just cold. Rain, aside from all its havoc-wreaking, is a welcome change of weather around here. Half of my roots are in the Pacific Northwest, so Iowa's rare rainy days are light-hearted days. The foggy mornings and evenings turn everything soft and muffled, and I remember for a minute that here is somewhere too.

The first snow has come and gone, and even though the grass is still green, we're steadily moving the direction of cold. The days are still getting shorter, so quickly that I feel shocked by the clock and the corresponding darkness.

What I find amazing and wonderful is this: when we reach the winter solstice the lengthening of the darkness reaches its apex. Just as we reach the heart of darkness in this Midwestern state and still look onward toward more cold, snow, and ice, every day we are given a few more minutes of sunlight. It's worth remembering these things.

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