Take a Breath

Monday, December 28, 2015

This stretch of time between Christmas and the new year always seems like a short break, a mark on the calendar to take a breath for the year ahead. I've been spending the time taking walks with my siblings, talking late into the night with my sister, and turning dreams into plans.

The other night my sister and I filled thermoses with hot drinks and schemed up an impromptu end-of-walk picnic in a secret spot in the middle of town. We were four at the end of the walk, feeling our way through a wooded stretch in the darkness, and then we all sat on the dewy grass on a woolen blanket and three yards of red and white gingham I just bought for a dollar at an antique mall. We had cocoa and blueberries and light from the city reflecting off the clouded sky.

I recommend taking this break seriously. Breathing deeply, catching that breath. Who knows what will be expected of us in the coming weeks, months, year. It's best to have lungs full of fresh air, and if you can manage it, thermoses full of hot cocoa.

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