Tabs I Can't Close 34: A Missing Wall, Breakfast, and Realistic Fiction.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Please bring back our stone wall.

How to love living anywhere. This is so wonderful and important.

Well, this is fun.

Breakfast always stumps me. I finally decided to stop the bleary-eyed kitchen wandering and just reach for the oatmeal as a default breakfast, and this seems to be working. But, but, breakfast.

Deskset, for the witty banter, monster philodendron, and, of course, Kate and Spencer.

I think you need to show children that the world is an uncertain place and there is no such thing as security. Stellan Skarsgård: My Family Values
With that in mind, where would you go?

Plus, cult of fearlessness.

We’ve arrived at a point where not only is reality stranger than fiction, but we don’t allow our fiction to be even close to how strange real life is every day. Highly Unlikely, Vendela Vida 

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