10 Things I am Highly Unlikely to Do

Thursday, December 3, 2015

  1. Buy a hat styled on any kind of mannequin head.
  2. Buy a hat. 
  3. Make any food in a mug. 
  4. Make anything with Nutella (you just can't improve on the way it was meant to be eaten: straight outta the jar with a spoon, in or out of bed, with or without homesickness).
  5. Use any kind of vegetable shortening in pie crust. 
  6. Put any kind of fruit or vegetable anywhere on my body as a beauty treatment. 
  7. Buy a top-loading backpack.
  8. Stop falling in love on whims and weekends. 
  9. Use makeup tricks to make myself look younger. 
  10. Wear prints.

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