How to Eat Your Way through Netflix (etc.)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

What are you doing this weekend? Hiking in the brisk fall (spring?) air? Farmers market shopping? Huddled under a blanket with your laptop on your knees, trying to figure out which shows/movies with which to spend the next 72 hours? A few weeks ago I found this handy site that narrows down the endless Netflix options. Perfect! But the real question is, what do you eat?

Here is a tiny list to help keep you well-fed during TV and movie watching binges, including some quick and easy snacks alongside some recipes that require long periods of simmering--perfect for making all that screen time seem more productive.

Night Train to Lisbon
Espresso, toast with non-rationed butter

Mostly Martha
The easiest tomato sauce, angel hair pasta, freshly torn basil, and a Google search for a chef's apron

Le Weekend
Soupe à l’Oignon with a side of marital discord

If I Were You
Chocolate mousse and a bottle of convenience store whiskey

Potato soup


The Killing
Something from a vending machine

An apple

Grey's Anatomy
I don't know--I guess anything that makes you wonder why you're always eating while watching Grey's Anatomy during the "Oh, no, something has gone terribly wrong in the operating room" part of the show

Call the Midwife
Ice cream you've run through a torrential downpour to purchase, and chocolate-covered almonds

Haute Cuisine
Fois gras from ducks you force-fed yourself in Antarctica, or in a pinch, something laden with pastry and/or cream

The Cobbler

A lot of coffee and several cinnamon buns

Literally any show or movie
Tortilla pizza

(It is actually pretty nice outside, though.)


  1. Yes! Ice cream and Call The Midwife will forever be paired in my memory.


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