But That is the Beauty and Wonder

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I just ordered* Sacred Fire, the follow-up to Ron Rolheiser's book The Holy Longing, which was something of an anchor for me several years ago when I felt myself fracturing from Christianity as I'd known it. One of the things I appreciate about Rolheiser is the way he broadens what can often be a very slim perspective of the nature of God. See how in the second paragraph below he writes, "But that is the beauty and wonder of God's richness." He begins by saying God invites, but we turn away. Here Rolheiser could take his point in a very different direction--into guilt, into sin. Instead he throws the closing curtain wide, opens the window, and doesn't it feel like the room is suddenly brighter, fresher? The focus turns from us and our humanness to God and his abundant wastefulness.

If we look back on our lives with honesty, we have to admit that of all the invitations that God has sent us, we have probably accepted and acted on only a fraction of them.

There have been countless times we have turned away from an invitation. For every invitation to maturity we have accepted, we have probably turned down a hundred. But that is the beauty and wonder of God's richness.

God is prodigal, abundant, generous, and wasteful beyond our small fears and imaginations. And that invites us to be generous and generative.

(excerpt from Sacred Fire, by Fr. Ron Rolheiser, Image Books, 2014)

*From...the library. :)

Also, Rolheiser on sanctity.


  1. one of this books are definitely going to be found on my Christmas wish list this year.
    and i love reading your thoughts about his words/writing, Anna. so meaningful to come in here, thank you!

    1. John O'Donohue is on my Christmas list, thanks to you. :) I so appreciate your comments, Vibeke. This little space of mine can feel like speaking into the void at times so it's lovely to know your thoughts.


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