Tabs I Can't Close 30: Cake, Farm Style, Sanger, Juman Malouf, a Cozy Swap

Friday, October 30, 2015

“There’s no moral test to be in the National Portrait Gallery,” she said. “If we did that, there’d be nobody on the walls.” Ted Cruz Vs. Margaret Sanger's Portrait

Wes Anderson's other half.

Farm style.

I love the idea of a cake for the weekend.

I've done a couple of Vibeke's swaps, and know exactly what I'd put in her latest Winter Comfort swap.


  1. would you like to join the swap, Anna?:)

    i LOVE the design changes that you have done in here,


  2. Thank you, Vibeke!

    I'm going to sit this one out-- but I'm looking forward to joining another one in the future!


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