Tabs I Can't Close 27: Several Week's Worth of Tabs

Friday, October 9, 2015

The following is (as usual?) all over the place:

I can crochet better than I can knit, so I was thrilled to find this pattern for a sporty crocheted poncho, which is similar to this Eileen Fisher sweater.

Vibeke's running list of blogs is my go-to for new/interesting reads--as well as the usual favorites.

When I was a kid I wanted a garden of roses to make things like this rose oil. (I still kind of want a rose garden!)

A sous-vide hack. (!!!)

From the department of how to be jealous inspired.

This incredible piece from Marie Myung Ok Lee blew me away:
Her inability to make decisions makes perfect sense when you consider that in the world she grew up in, the “wrong” decision could be fatal. But also the “right” decision — accompanying her aunt — ended with her never seeing her mother again.     The Things They Carry, Marie Myung Ok Lee

Two beautiful blogs (via Vibeke!):
V.K. Rees
La Designerie (four seasons essentials)

And my new favorite blog: Quixotic Thread

Finally, for a laugh. "Rest in the glooory that I am wrong."

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