A Farmer's Sensibility

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shannon Hayes writes a blog post every Tuesday, and every Tuesday I read her words and feel recognized. This one, from a few weeks ago, is one I think about when I'm out filling water troughs, waiting for the water to reach the top, thinking about events of the week so far, looking around at the sky, the pasture, the asters, and the goldenrods.
Things go wrong with animals all the time in our line of work. But a farmer’s sensibility is to refuse to surrender to any fear, anger or anxieties surrounding the moment. Those things prevent us from solving the problems. They prevent us from seeing the cerulean blue skies behind the asters and the goldenrods, or the flaxen glow of the sunlight as it dapples the forest floor, or from pausing to take a bite from a fallen wild apple. Things might be going wrong, but all of these beautiful moments, that are there whether things are all right or all wrong, are reasons we chose this way of life to begin with. And if the tragedies of the day or week stop us from taking in these moments of beauty, then we’ve lost our way.

Pink Elephants, Shannon Hayes

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