Tabs I Can't Close 17: Food, Knitting, and Books

Friday, May 1, 2015

I just discovered The Simple Collection, knits for beginners that aren't scarves.

It's getting warmer but this chai recipe looks perfect (and somehow fresh) for these chilly evenings.

I cannot get enough of this cooking blog.

A friend sent a link to these Geode truffles and amethyst candy bars and I cannot stop looking at them.

Dream life.

This week I caught up on The Lit Up Show, a podcast about life, love, and books.


  1. that podcast serie definitely sounds like my taste! maybe i will put in some moments of knitting and listening today : ) life, love and books: some of my favorite topics!

    how exciting to learn a little bit about your knitting journey. my favorite knitwear designer Madder/Carrie Bostick Hoge also has some designs/knit patterns that i find very suitable for
    that "simple knitting" period too. you should check it out.

    ps: i hope you received my email. it was a very late reply dear Anna but filled with much gratitude and happiness because of you : )

    1. My wish is for that podcast to turn into a daily podcast instead of weekly!

      I'm so glad for the tip on Carrie Bostick Hoge's knits. Thank you. I see her name next to so many knitted things I admire, but at this point I'm not always able to see offhand if they're suitable for a beginner. I'll be looking more closely at her patterns...

      (Just replied to your email, which I've been selfishly holding on to!)


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