Tabs I Can't Close 15: Fashion, Scent, Travel

Friday, April 17, 2015

I love this EF Magazine post on how to buy a quality shoe, with illustrations by Becky Murphy.

The Plant Hunter is doing a series of scent surveys (it brings to mind so many of my own scent memories). This one is my favorite.

I've followed A Minute Away From Snowing for a few years on Tumblr, but I just realized Michelle Lau has a gorgeous three-part series on travel.

Erin Boyle's post on the affordability of a minimalist wardrobe is nuanced and eye-opening.

Speaking of clothing, these pants.


  1. i loved reading the serie of scent surveys and especially your favorite, which is mine too : )
    the tight connection between scents and memories has always facinated me.
    when i smell and/or eat raspberries or honey i am immediately "transferred" back to my happy childhood memories together with my grandfather who were both a raspberry and honey/bee farmer.
    i am curious to hear about which scents that brings back memories for you Anna....


  2. Oh, raspberries! The combo of taste and smell with raspberries is so potent. When I was a kid we had a large patch, and eating them on hot summer days is something I'll never forget. A raspberry farm sounds like heaven!

    I am thinking about other scents...


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