Life Right Now, A Series

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Last year I wrote freelance articles for a newspaper in a nearby small town. It was fun to attend fundraisers (lots of quilts, pies, and half hogs) and BBQ contests (fancy grills and one prize-winning basic kettle grill), and crazy to learn about the ins and outs of small town city council and other local organizations.

It was less fun to answer questions about myself, especially questions about whether I was married and why I wasn't. I've never been asked these questions so many times, and at first I thought it was just because I've finally reached the age when people start asking these questions, but my sister-in-law pointed out that in a small town, everyone my age is either married (with a couple kids) or doesn't live there anymore.

I live just outside of another slightly larger small town, and at times it can feel like everyone is married but me, especially when I look around at the friends I grew up with (and their adorable children). But to be honest, I don't think about it that often. For one thing, I have a few close married girlfriends who make an admirable effort to include me in their lives, and also because I consider myself in good company: among my closest friends are women who, like me, are 30-something and unmarried.

After the "Summer of 'No, I'm not married,'" I started wondering what these friends were thinking about and experiencing in this time of life, when so many of our other friends (and younger siblings!) are married and having children. So I asked.

I loved reading my friends' responses to questions about what was surprising and unexpected about life right now. Best of all, they agreed to let me share their responses here. Coming up tomorrow, a friend from a Big Midwestern City shares a glimpse into her life.

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  1. dear Anna

    thank you SO much for the incredibly lovely and heart warming email you sent me!! i am looking forward to write you back, on a rainy day : ) we have has a few days (finally) with beautiful spring weather and i have "lived" outside. it feels so amazing after a long and dark winter to receive such bright and sunny days. it is predicted several rainy days soon and then i am heading more inside again. today my mother has been visiting and we have been sitting in the garden the whole day : ))
    secondly: i SO enjoy this inspring blog of yours Anna, both your photos and writings! and i am looking forward to follow this New serie!


    ps: such a pretty photo!

    1. V, Oh, goodness, enjoy every second of those bright sunny days! I am so thrilled you're here, reading along. :) Thank you so much.

      Btw, I'm a die-hard coffee drinker, but you're slowly convincing me to give tea more attention!


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