Monday, April 6, 2015

I knew Easter was approaching, or we were approaching Easter, or Easter was sometime soon, but I didn't think too much about it until my sisters-in-law started talking what they were bringing for lunch.

Dad butchered a sheep and Mom slow roasted it for 24 hours. I made an eggplant cheesecake from Ottolenghi's Plenty More. Potato salad and coleslaw rounded out the sides, with fruit kebabs and cupcakes for dessert. Oh, and some doughnuts left over from church.

After lunch we drifted off in threes and fours and sevens to different rooms in the house. Children off to "their" bedroom for naps. The garage contingent found themselves fixing a lawn mower. Seven of us took a dusty walk down the road, in dress shoes and sandals and hot pink flats.

I drifted in and out, around and through. There's something to a house full of people doing their own thing. Laptops and tablets came out and for a while there was a comfortable silence in solitary togetherness.

The children woke up and were held, read to, and then we aunties and uncles banded together in that great effort of easing the transition from Papa and Bestamore's house to "our house." The Great Distraction, a magic trick in which someone small finds herself suddenly buckled in her car seat and no longer teary-eyed, looking forward to her own home and another trip to the farm on another day.

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