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Friday, March 27, 2015

I'm a few days home from warmth and sun, back to greening pastures full of dancing lambs and bright sunny days with a brisk chill in the air. I'm sunned and warmed to my core, enough to carry me through to actual summer, which is when I'll plan (or, fingers crossed, take) a trip to Greenland.

I'm remembering a line from a wise friend, about the impossibility of knowing where you'll be a year from now. Sometimes things plod along for a long time and then something stirs and everything shifts and like a whirlwind your life changes. It's good to remember this in the middle of the plodding, or in the aftermath of a whirlwind, when the changes are settling but you need to keep the momentum going to carry you through to whatever is next.  

With the idea of other places, other things, here are a few tabs I haven't been able to close this week:

If you're (also) going to Oaxaca...

Every other cool thing I see has something to do with Australia, like Grown & Gathered, The Plant Hunter, and Milkwood.

I'm loving NPR's stories from Cuba.

And a little closer to home...

When I was in college I couldn't stomach the idea of internships, but A Cup of Jo is looking for a summer intern, and I would do it, now.

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