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Friday, February 6, 2015

Yesterday I watched a huge bald eagle fly overhead and alight on the tallest tree overlooking the pond. It's always a thrill to see one.

Earlier this week I filled out the worksheets from the Wardrobe Architect and realized just how much what I wear impacts how I feel. I decided to only buy/make/wear things that make me feel like a 90s supermodel. ;)

Madalynne's tutorials explain the technical side of sewing oh, so well. Her work is so inspiring. 

I'm looking for a few good skirts for spring/summer (shockingly--I don't wear a lot of skirts/dresses). This pleated maxi wrap skirt pattern caught my eye. I love the fabric in the example. 

I've never really been a flower gardener (I prefer mine cut, in a bouquet, in a vase). Five minutes to moonflower has me looking at flower seeds.

"The perfect everyday cake." Everyday cake!

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  1. Neat links but your photo is captivating! Wish I could live there!


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