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Friday, January 9, 2015

Lately I've noticed a lot of "building a wardrobe" blogs series. It's so interesting to see into how other people put together their closets and I love reading about systems, techniques, and tips. Here are two series I recommend:

Reading My Tea Leaves: Minimalist wardrobes.

Un-Fancy: Capsule Wardrobe.

I tend toward minimalism when it comes to clothes. Our hard water means whites, brights, and lights are off the long-wear lists, so I lean toward darker colors. Blacks and blues, mostly. Shopping is tedious, and I don't mind wearing the same thing a couple days in a row. I remember staying with a Parisian friend who wore the same blouse to work for a week. Contrast this to a moment around the same time when someone here in the U.S. asked me, "Aren't you embarrassed you're wearing the same thing you were wearing the last time I saw you?" 

My ideal would be to buy or make clothes that I'd never have to replace. Like the black cardigan sweater my French host mother gave me ten years ago. The buttons are long gone, and there's a hole under one arm, but I still wear it almost every day during the cold months. It's acrylic, a fiber banned from my wardrobe, but it's strangely indestructible, and it means something to me.

I'd like to design and sew more of my clothes. My design experience is limited, so this Pattern Making Primer looks amazing.

And look at this fashion sketchbook/dictionary.

Speaking of sewing, I think this might be the duffel bag.

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