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Friday, January 2, 2015

It's been almost a year since I joined my mother on taking over management of our family's sheep farm. My dad and sister built and managed the farm for nearly 20 years, nearly my sister's entire life.  Much of this work is new to my mother and me.

When I look at the work of others in the realm of sheep, wool, farming, etc., etc., etc., I sometimes catch this rising jealousy, envy, a panicky worry. A tightening of my chest, the start of that familiar anxiety. I want to do that. Or maybe a fear that I cannot do that, either through my own lack of skill or because it's already been done. That hill already taken.

It's silly, of course. There are so many hills.

It takes me so long, so, so long to find my way to things, and I want to cultivate inspiration, not jealousy.

In that line of thinking, here are some inspiring natural dye links:

Cornell's plant pathology department has a mycology blog, and this post on dyeing with lichens and mushrooms cites several books on the subject. 

The woman behind this natural dye subscription posts photos of her process on Instagram, and it's so much fun to follow along. 

Liesl of Buckaloo View gets incredible color from her natural dyes. The pokeberry is beyond what I thought possible.

And, unrelated, but so good: this, from Amy Merrick. 

Photo by my dad, spring 2014.

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