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Monday, January 26, 2015

Stretch out and touch as many points as you can during the times of stretching out. You'll know.
These are the times when you feel a searching. When you feel the nerve endings of your soul reaching. It may be a moment, a week, a year, half your life. Look, read, move, watch, consume.

Draw in during the times of drawing in. You'll know when. These are the times when you feel full, bursting, unable to hear clearly, unable to differentiate your own voice from all the others shouting/murmuring/wandering around in your head. These are the times when everything you read or watch or hear echoes too loudly your own ideas. These are the times to produce. The times to limit your consumption. It won't be hard. You'll feel a natural inclination toward an empty room. Clear the brush to that abandoned cabin, draw yourself in until you are ready to throw open the doors and windows and look out again.

Rest. Let things settle. Allow ideas to grow edges. Forget about the world, about current events, about city council, about new new new, next, ahead. Leave it. The world revolves without your knowledge but your being requires you to know yourself. 

This may take a moment, a week. It may take longer than seems prudent or necessary to keep the lights on. 

The well that was once flooded now rests, settles, filters. You'll know when it's clear and pure again. 

Now is the time to produce, to write, to draw, to shape ideas into the tangible.

Let this ebbing and flowing be the undercurrent of your life. Your duality. On one level you remain constant, the worker bee, the meeter of needs, the filer of files. On another level you swim this current. Be swept away at times. Remain constant in both if you can. We are required to live in the society in which we live, and your soul requires more.

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