The Middle Ground is So Slim

Thursday, November 6, 2014

1. A few months ago I met some new neighbors at a spin-in they hosted. I don't spin, but it's so rare to get a chance to meet neighbors without having to knock on their door out of the blue (which I never do anyway), so I stopped by. But when I explained I have a wheel and have spun, but am not a spinner, they seemed shocked. Why didn't I spin? 

Damned if you don't.

2. As I drove home I thought about a time I admired a spinning wheel in someone's house. It was a decorating item, set up high on a shelf. I mentioned that my mom uses one very similar. 

"Of COURSE she does," the woman said.

Damned if you do. 

3. I'm reading a Lord Peter Wimsey novel, the one where he marries Harriet Vane. A character remarks that they're bound to please someone, with so many people weighing in on wedding arrangements. 

4. I love this perspective. Lately I've been feeling pretty exposed, with quite a few unsolicited opinions about this life of mine coming in from the strangest sources (such as strangers who approach as though offering me their thoughts will make it rain, to heal this parched land), and this kind of feedback, although when taken as a whole is hilariously contradictory, tends to give one the sense one is doing it all wrong.

5. So, in the spirit of positive thinking, I'm switching out "you can't please everyone," for "you're bound to please someone." Now if only complete strangers would be so kind as to approach me with legitimate compliments instead of presumptive criticisms on how many children I have.

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