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Friday, November 7, 2014

This essay on overcoming hypersensitivity, by Ronald Rolheiser. It's short. Appreciate the discussion of Nouwen's idea of moving from hostility to hospitality. 

This article on career planning, by Brian Fetherstonhaugh. Especially "stage one," with its discussion of transportable skills, meaningful experiences, and enduring relationships. This article is basically a college course in career management for people like me who recoil at the word "career." 

The story of an inherited ranch. 

This pig update

The color of this yarn, dyed with pokeberries. 

This book series, which I read on recommendation from a librarian. Read through the series too fast, thanks to pretending I'm 12 again and staying up all night, twice, to finish two of the books. 

This series on fiber artists and their tools. 

These jeans.


And this.

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