Bottle Lambs

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Meet our four bottle lambs, left to right: Shekina, Lilia, The General, and Lemon. You couldn't tell by looking, but Lilia is a few days older than the General.

The General was a twin. His mother, for reasons her own, refused to accept him. It's the strangest thing to watch a mother reject offspring. A severed connection. A connection that never was. Who knows, really. I've heard a few explanations, but it doesn't make it less strange to watch.

Shekina and Lilia are a part of triplets, but their mother apparently only wanted a single. Lilia is smaller than a full-grown cat, but she holds her own in this rough and tumble group. I love picking her up and cuddling her because she's so tiny. Cuddling isn't the right word. I love picking her up--she's not a cuddler.

Lemon is the sole survivor of a set of triplets. Sad story. He was our first bottle lamb of the year, so he's gotten a lot of love.

Photo by SKA

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