Inspirations: Kay Ryan

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A few weeks ago I heard that former US poet laureate Kay Ryan was involved in a car accident while riding her bike. Yikes. She's recovering at home after a stint in the ICU, and a friend said she "intends to be riding again before too long."

Three things about Kay Ryan:

  1. She's won a long list of awards, including the Pulitzer and a MacArthur grant.
  2. She was educated and taught at community colleges, and she championed community colleges during her tenure as poet laureate, saying, "I know great. I do not know where great comes from." 
  3. She wrote about protecting that "self" that "might not look all that worth getting worked up about." In an article about making peace with writer conferences ("I Go AWP"), she said she was able to go only "now, when I am quite old," and already published.  

One of her poems: Flamingo Watching.

Here's to Kay Ryan and her recovery.

As a side note, can you imagine being the one colliding your car into a former US poet laureate on a bike?? 

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