Treasure Hunt

Monday, January 20, 2014

A few weeks ago two small boys spent the day at Anderwood. Sarah and I created a treasure hunt that took them to some of their favorite places around the farm.

We made one major error. No digging. We made a treasure hunt for two little boys but didn't make them dig for anything.

One of the clues led to the greenhouse, and it was here we discovered our mistake. "WHAT!" they shouted when they saw piles of dirt. "We have to DIG?"

Um, no. You don't. But they were already dragging shovels twice their size over to the dirt. They were already digging. Then they got hoes and started hoeing. Then one boarded a half-inflated rubber raft and shouted that he was a pirate, and he had to row.

Eventually, with a little guidance, they found the treasure tucked away in a hollow tree--a box of Bang Snaps each. We got that part right.

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