It Was Nearly 50 Degrees Today

Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's that time of year when everything is dull and brown. Today it was nearly 50 degrees, so the top inch of the ground was wet and muddy.

The sun is setting later and later--this is one of the things I love about January. It's still the heart of winter, but already the days are getting longer and brighter.

I took a walk down to the pond today, camera in hand. If it were to rain, then freeze again, we'd have a nice surface for ice skating. That might happen this week, so I'm crossing my fingers.

Tonight my sister and I watched highlights from the US Olympic ice skating finals. (Oh my goodness, Jason Brown.) The last time I went ice skating I fell and sprained a wrist, but there's something about watching experts making it look easy that makes you want to get out there and try again. 

And also, this ice skating party makes me want to start throwing parties again, now, in January, outside... the snow. 

(Obligatory boot shot. Let me tell you: a good pair of boots makes winter a Good Season.)

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