How to Arrange Flowers: Floral Arranging 101 with Chelsea Fuss

Monday, September 11, 2017

After a summer of roadside bouquet attempts (both large and small), I reached out to Chelsea Fuss, a floral designer I've admired for years, and asked about her floral design courses through Nicole's Classes.

The Floral Arranging 101 course is a hands-on, entry-level course that offers a solid foundation of floral design, with projects including a French hand-tied bouquet, an English garden arrangement, a wedding bouquet, boutonnieres, and a floral head wreath. I love that the skills Chelsea teaches will prepare you, if you wanted, to launch your own floral design business, and are also appropriate for the amateur floral designer like me.

The course is four weeks long, and there are several upcoming start dates for Floral Arranging 101! You still have time if you'd like to join while the wildflowers are still blooming on Midwestern roadsides. Chelsea also gives expert advice for foraging blooms and sourcing blooms in the middle of winter--advice I'll be returning to once the ground where I live is covered in winter.

I just finished the hand-tied bouquet, pictured above, re-watching Chelsea's step-by-step instructions and reaching into my bucket of blooms and greens cut from the garden and the wild flower-filled chicken pen. I always forget, when starting something new, that things take time and practice. A combination of intuition and learned skill, both of which can only be gained through actually doing the thing you want to learn, through repetition and failing--or not quite meeting the mark you've set for yourself--over and over again. I nearly cried while making this bouquet! And not just because I was pricking my fingers with the overly ambitious choice of a thistle! Perfectionism dies hard. The thing is, you can only improve after you've made something that you can then do better than the next time. I am looking forward to making many more of these lovely little hand-tied bouquets.



My participation in this class is generously sponsored by Chelsea Fuss, whose work and life has inspired me for years.
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